Personal Assistants (PA) offer multifaceted support to individuals at different levels, encompassing both professional tasks and personal responsibilities. Their assistance spans from managing administrative duties to handling personal errands like coordinating calendars and grocery shopping. PAs roles range from aiding individuals who find it challenging to manage their hectic lives to more demanding roles like Celebrity PAs or Chief of Staff positions.

This optimised Personal Assistant (PA) job description is tailored for online job boards and can be easily customised to fit your company's needs.

PA Job Description

Administration experience is key but also people skills are just as important!

  • Act as the main point of contact for your boss.
  • Communicating daily with a wide mix of people.
  • Managing busy schedules and diary/travel arrangements.
  • Handles a mix of personal and professional duties.

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PA Duties

Personal Assistant (PA) duties can include (and are not limited to) the following:

  • Acting as the point of contact between manager and internal/external clients.
  • Screening and directing phone calls, as well as distributing correspondence.
  • Handling requests and queries appropriately.
  • Managing diaries and scheduling meetings and appointments.
  • Making travel arrangements.
  • Taking dictation and minutes.
  • Sourcing office supplies.
  • Producing reports, presentations, and briefs.
  • Devising and maintain office filing systems.
  • Organising meetings, appointments, events, dinners, and social events.
  • Managing expenses.
  • Monitoring emails and phone calls.
  • Managing travel and accommodation.
  • Providing general administrative support.
  • Preparing correspondence, invoices, statements, and other documents.

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PA Salary

Personal Assistants (PAs) can earn anything between £35,000 to £65,000 in commercial and professional/financial service industries. Private PAs can earn up to £75-80,000 and also get rewarded with competitive compensations, especially for those working with HNWI or roles demanding a broad range of skills and discretion.

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