2024 is a good year for graduates looking to start their career and the outlook remains positive. Post the July election should also promote hiring as companies move forward with a firmer outlook on the economy. This will mean companies need to remain quick to snap up the talent and graduates need to make sure they are ready and fully aware of market opportunities and how best to prepare. With particularly strong hiring growth for Finance, IT and communications, and healthcare sectors driving the graduate hiring market.

For all new graduates, success in securing employment requires dedication and proactive effort. Graduates should embrace opportunities to gain work experience, build interview confidence, and develop interpersonal skills as part of their career search.

90% of applicants are using AI tools to enhance applications, which can be advantageous when writing CVs and cover letters. However, companies hiring will also use face-to-face interviews to test communication skills, critical thinking, and the ability to build rapport. Thus, honing skills in traditional interview settings will be key to securing job offers.

I had the pleasure of attending the Oxford Media and Business School graduation this week. The experience always reinforces the sheer joy for the students at reaching this milestone and the excitement for what’s to come for these bright and talented individuals. We never forget that we are dealing with people, and have tracked successful graduates from many universities and courses throughout their careers, seeing them go from strength to strength.

I wish all graduates of 2024 the very best for the future. Do not let anything hold you back; keep leaning in and creating the best impression to complement your skills. Bain and Gray offer CV advice, interview preparation, and much more, alongside exciting job opportunities.

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