Temporary work in London is booming! There is a plethora of temporary jobs in the capital, particularly within office support and PA roles. If you’re a graduate and are considering temping in London, what are the benefits you can expect to enjoy? As a leading London recruitment agency, we’ll let you in on the benefits of why temp jobs are great for graduates.

  1. Building your skillset: There’s nothing like doing something in practice to learn and cement new skills. Every company is different, utilises different systems and processes, and has unique ways of dealing with everything from customers to administration. All these skills you gain can then be used on your CV for future employers to see.
  2. Network, network, network: It’s not just a matter of getting your foot in the door for potential long-term opportunities (although this may happen). Temping in London is a powerful networking tool. You’ll be in a prime position to get references that really help, and you’ll become better known on the London market. Getting the opportunity to meet professionals and see where they started, how they progressed and how they got to where they are now is invaluable experience when starting your career path.
  3. You’ll become a recruitment pro: How many of us quake in our boots when it comes to applying for new jobs and the dreaded interviews? It’s normal but exacerbated because we don’t tend to have a huge amount of experience simply being in the role of a job seeker. However, when you’re seasoned at temping in London, you’ll have confidence in recruitment. Given that many jobs have vast numbers of applications, being a recruitment pro will be a huge help.
  4. Find out what you enjoy: Fall into a permanent position and you quickly align your identity with that of the employer. You can end up sacrificing what matters to you. However, by undertaking different temporary work in London, you gain greater insight into yourself. This can help you refine what you know you enjoy and where you want your career to go. If you find yourself questioning your future or what you want to do, then temping can help you find the answers.
  5. Supporting your dream career: Are you trying to pursue a career in the arts - for example acting or production? Temping is a great way to ensure you have a steady flow of income alongside any freelance opportunities.

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