We are a forward-thinking and agile recruitment agency, always looking to improve our service and react to recruitment trends in the market. When you work with us, we include several beneficial services that not only enhance the recruitment process, but provide added value and improved attrition rates for your company:

  • Advising, curating and writing relevant job descriptions for all positions with detailed salary advice supported by actual market data
  • Providing HR advisory services (with an affiliated partner)
  • Providing interview mentoring and training
  • Offering interview space on sit at Bain and Gray’s offices in Soho
  • Providing information with onboarding whether remote or onsite
  • Full compliant diversity and inclusion practices
  • Opportunity to participate in ‘round tables’ to discuss topical challenges whether you are a full-time recruiter in your organisation or whether it is part of your remit

Recruitment is all about people, and this is why we pride ourselves in finding our clients the perfect person for their business and office culture. In a market that is competitive with secretarial and PA recruitment agencies, we stand out for many reasons. The difference between us and other agencies is our candidate knowledge and care, and by virtue of this, our access to a deep and wide network of exceptional talent in the market. Our candidates are loyal to us, they receive benefits and knowledge from us above and beyond the actual job search, and this creates a unique Bain and Gray candidate community that allows our clients access to a broad reach of talent in the market, who may be open to hearing about administrative roles, but are not marketing themselves online, through social media or via agencies.

Not only this, Bain and Gray works exceptionally closely with some of the best secretarial and PA business colleges in the UK and thus we have unique access to the alumni of the colleges when searching for administrative vacancies for our clients.

The consultants at Bain and Gray are highly experienced, all with proven track records and high levels of emotional intelligence. They do not work to targets, they are motivated by providing exceptional service, client satisfaction and brainstorming as a team to five their clients the right focus and the time needed to provide the best recruitment solution. We provide the high calibre administrative qualities with the right company ‘fit’ and work culture, by gaining a knowledge on the history and unique requirements of your vacancy. This is central to a targeted and focused shortlist, which saves you time and delivers results.

Our clients work with us as partners and are world leading businesses in their field. Our client base includes:

Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Wealth Management, Financial Services, Marketing, Communications and PR, Technology, Fintech, Property, Executive Search, Management Consultancy, Creative Agencies, Private House, Royal Household, HNWIs, Entrepreneurs, Sport and Entertainment, start-ups, television production companies, theatre, advertising, media, social media influencers, not for profit, public speakers and broadcasters, private individuals such as actors, authors, activists, and more.

Please do not hesitate to contact us further to discuss your specific recruitment needs 020 7036 2030 or email us directly clients@bainandgray.com