As the majority of our clients have returned to office working, we recognise the need for additional support whether that is front of house or supporting at senior level.

Our temporary division are here to help, we focus on finding you the right candidate to fit around whatever time frame you require. From a 1 hour turn around to very specific briefs that require a high level of skill, our team dedicate themselves to finding the best temporary support to our clients.

Hiring a temp couldn’t be easier through Bain and Gray, we handle all reference checks, set up all interviews and process all payments so there is no additional onboarding from your side.

We have a large pool of highly skilled temps who are immediately available and ready to go at a moments notice. Many of our candidates work exclusively through us due to our reputation and we pride ourselves in finding you the highest-calibre interim support.

Where could a temp fit within my business:

  1. Holiday cover – this is a great way to ensure your support staff can really switch off during their next break. We have tried and tested temps who can cover any length of time required.
  2. Interim cover – tight for time to replace your EA? Interim temps help to avoid rushing into permanent decisions and allows more time when hiring. We can provide seamless support to ensure you are never left without cover, including a handover and handback.
  3. Sickness cover – we are used to working to very tight deadlines and can find you temporary support at a moments notice. From Reception to Senior EA’s, our temporary division have candidates on standby for all your last minute requirements.
  4. Project support – we often find there is a need for additional support to fit around a specific project or a busy period within the office. We have temporary candidates available on an ongoing basis to fit in as and when needed.
  5. Virtual support – a great way to secure additional support when you don’t have extra space within your office. Our virtual temps are set up remotely to take on any of your support needs.

How does this work:

  1. Managing the interview process – we do a thorough interview process with all of our candidates, drilling down on their experience, reasons for leaving and their individual personalities. This is very important to us and really helps to ensure we find the best candidate to suit your business.
  2. Processing all reference checks – We take references for all of our temporary candidates and will also highlight if a temp has worked through us before and any feedback that might be relevant.
  3. Our payroll service – We handle all the ins and outs including holiday pay and NI. We send out weekly invoices to our clients for the completed hours.
  4. Ensuring we are compliant – we make sure we are compliant with all temping regulations including Agency Workers Regulations 2010 (AWR).
  5. Staying in close communication – we check in with our temps on a weekly basis and will provide regular feedback to you and your business.

If you have any questions on temporary support or if you are interested in hiring some interim cover, our temporary team would be delighted to help.