Welcome to part two of five of ‘Upping Your Game for Executive Assistants’. Here we look at networking as a key component of your strategy.

Networking is something we can all tap into to “up our game”. There’s even some research that claims 60% of your career progression can be attributed to it. It’s amazing how many EA/PA specific networking groups are in operation across the world too.

A great place to start researching is where the nearest group is to you. Many of the groups are run by EAs themselves so they really “get it” as they combine events that are a combo of social events (and an opportunity to visit venues that potentially you may book for your organisation and Executives) and professional development with visiting speakers and trainers.

Whilst I believe the crème de la crème of networking is done face to face, some of the most inventive and forward thinking networking groups also offer online networking sessions using platforms such as Zoom or Teams to keep connected.

If you’d like a personal introduction to the owners of the networking group, let me know as I work with lots of them. And if the thought of networking is a bit “scary” and outside your comfort zone request a copy of my article “The HELLO Strategy to Networking” by clicking here.