How important is it to send a thank you note in today’s digital society – is it a thing of the past?

Absolutely not according to Emily Bain – here’s why:

1. When you receive a gift for a wedding or birthday? Should you send a thank you card? Absolutely yes, this is the height of good manners – a timely thank you note with a specific mention of the gift and personal reference to the sender remains the correct way to thank a person. While we may have moved on from some traditional forms of etiquette, good manners never fall out of fashion.

2. When should we send thank you cards? On any occasion when people have gone out of their way for you. For example, hosted you for an evening, or done something special (gone the extra mile, used their black book, done a favour and the obvious – gifts, events, supper etc).

3. A new study highlighted that 84% of Brits think saying 'thank you' is now redundant, what do you think of this? This is so sad and we strongly disagree. A thank you goes a long way. It makes people feel appreciated. To receive a letter on your doorstep is a real boost to you day. It shows gratitude and thoughtfulness.

4. Do you think thank you cards are becoming redundant? No not at all. It is so important to put pen to paper and to continue to educate our children how and when to write etc. While online messaging is a way of communicating and can be used as a platform to say a short quick thank you, nothing beats a handwritten note in a card or a letter to show your appreciation.