Michelle Obama, The Light We Carry

I loved Becoming, so already an MO fan, and this second book, The Light we Carry, is another joy to read. More of a guide to life and how to manage your outlook and therefore ability to deal with challenges. It’s the sort of book I would not normally reach for on that basis, but this is honest and not cringing or irritating, more helpful and personal.

Miriam Margolyes, This Much is True

Miriam is not everyone’s cup of tea, she is a strong and direct lady with a lot to say, and a fantastic life and career that affords a wealth of wonderful stories. This book is extremely enjoyable, it is most certainly packed with sometimes eye watering and hilariously honest tales, if it they weren’t true you couldn’t make them up.

Meg Mason, Sorrow and Bliss

This is on my list to read this year, it is described as ‘Patrick Melrose meets Fleabag’ which is already a good sign. It is a novel about depression, which on the face of it does not sound like an instant page turner, however, the dark and funny connotations are reeling me in and I will be diving in.

Bonnie Garmus, Lessons in Chemistry

A new book out in hard cover and a first novel for Bonnie Garmus a former copywriter. I have had several recommendations to read this from a group of people that I trust, and the reviews would suggest this is a goodie. A story of pioneering women in the 50’s and 60’s sticking their necks out to prove themselves and written in a sophisticated and amusing way. This is the ingredients for a good read.

Clover Stroud, The Red of my Blood

This is just one I will read as I am already a fan of hers from her first two books. If you don’t know her, she writes about her life experiences and her trauma, formed by the death of her mother and her sister Nell more recently. Clover’s writing is eloquent, gut wrenching and deeply moving with a raw honesty and intensity, which is profoundly moving and impressive. It is just out in paperback.