First Aid at Work Training. Boring right? You’ve rarely seen people at 8AM on a Monday Morning consumed with excitement at the prospect of First Aid Training. "It'll be boring. I'll learn 100 ways to tie a bandage, I won't need it, surely you'd just call an ambulance ..."

Take the word "work" out of the equation - what have you got? Bingo. 1st Aid training. You see, the qualification is not limited to the workplace. It's nationally accredited!

Statistically you’re more likely to need to use First Aid skills at home or out and about as you are in the workplace! In fact - over 70% of cardiac arrests happen at home.

First Aid does exactly what it says on the tin. First Aiders are likely the first people at a scene. It's our role to provide early emergency care before trained medical assistance arrives. In the current climate there is more emphasis than ever to step in and do something to help buy time until that ambulance arrives. Heaven forbid a family member is suddenly taken ill or becomes unresponsive .... you'd do anything to help right? Surely that renders the 6 hrs you spent learning lifesaving skills as invaluable right?

First Aid isn't about being an expert. It's not about solving every problem, it's not about becoming some kind of medical expert. First Aid is all about confidence. It's about feeling empowered to step in should the need arise and know that you can make a difference however small. Did you know - no one has ever been successfully sued in the UK for administering / attempting to administer First Aid? Something to think about.

I'd urge everyone to attend a First Aid training course. We have at Bain and Gray and we continue to have regular sessions with Siren to educate and empower our Team.