Julia Campbell Carter


Julia Campbell is an art advisor based in London whose expertise spans across the artistic spectrum, encompassing Impressionism, Modern, Contemporary and Photography. Using her extensive experience and knowledge she will locate, negotiate, and purchase art on a client’s behalf. What truly sets Julia apart is her track record in discovering emerging talent whose pieces appreciate in value over time. She currently advises private clients including banks and family offices on their buying, building and art portfolio management and she prides herself on providing a very discrete service which is highly individual and specifically tailored to each client’s needs.

What is an Art Advisor: An art advisor provides expert advice to a private individual to build and manage their collection of art over time. They frequently provide recommendations for valuable art acquisitions, with a keen focus on investment potential, and exhibit expertise in particular art periods or styles. They perform extensive research on their client’s behalf and will attend auctions and private viewings in order to acquire new works for the collector.



When it comes to art consultancies in London, Artelier stands as the unrivalled expert, known for successfully guiding clients through the intricate process of crafting tailor-made art collections. Artelier’s reputation as a leading authority is underscored by their remarkable work in both the private and public spheres where they curate art for interiors, yachts, and public spaces, including hotels and corporate art collections. With invaluable knowledge and expertise, they help the client develop the best acquisition strategy whether this be for art investment purposes, sourcing contemporary art, commissioning artists or overseeing an artwork and development.

Art Consultant: An art consultant who deals primarily with contemporary art, commission artists to produce work for the private or public sector. Art consultants will likely be specialised in the following: public art, corporate art, hotel art or residential projects. They advise, research and commission bespoke art.

Tanya Baxter Contemporary


Well acquainted with the art world? Tanya Baxter needs no introduction! With a 25-year legacy and a dedicated team in London and Hong Kong, Tanya’s consultancy is a comprehensive art advisory guided by confidentiality, trust, and bespoke services. Her clients are all over the world, including the Middle East, the USA, Asia, and Europe. Specialising in post-modern, modern-British, and contemporary art markets, Tanya and her team seek to understand the client’s vision and create collections that reflect it, with personality, flair and aesthetic that provide lucrative investment opportunities. Tanya's clientele boasts multinational banks, and she holds the exclusive curatorship at the prestigious Heathrow VIP Windsor Suite.

AIB ART Advisory


Founded by Ariane Belisle-Donnelly in 2015, AIB Art Advisory offers a bespoke consultancy service geared towards leveraging emerging art. With a rich blend of academic and professional expertise, the consultancy possesses a distinctive edge in identifying artists that are destined for exceptional growth in the market. What differentiates AIB Art Advisory is their international network, providing access to a coveted treasure trove of ‘off market’ masterpieces from private collections, galleries, and artist’s studios. Ariane and her team also consider time and money, negotiating the best possible rates on the client’s behalf. In most cases the final cost of the work is below market value, even with the associated transactional fees, optimally positioning your boss favourably should they wish to resell the work at some stage.

Antoine Simon Fine Art Advisory


Based in the heart of London, Antoine Simon Fine Art Advisory Ltd (ASFAA) is another highly recommended art consultancy, specialising in creating art collections that mirror individual tastes, objectives, and interests, all while safeguarding the utmost confidentiality. ASFAA goes beyond advising; they provide unparallel insights into art market trends and access an extensive network of connections to discreetly achieve your objectives.

As part of their signature ethos, ASFAA has no vested interests, inventories, or hidden agendas. Founded by Antoine Simon in 2016, they exclusively serve a carefully vetted community of seasoned art collectors worldwide. Their insider knowledge and vast network are invaluable assets in a market where demand exceeds supply. For them art is experienced, cherished and cultivated not just acquired.