Spring is bursting and it’s time to get out and about. We’ve pulled together 5 ‘must-do’ things to explore the beautiful city of London.

The Design Museum

Ai Weiwei: Making Sense, developed in collaboration with Ai Weiwei himself, is the first to present his work as a commentary on design and what it reveals about our changing values. The show mixes recent works with commissioned pieces, inviting us into a meditation on value and humanity, art and activism.


Royal Botanical Gardens Kew

Visit Kew Gardens and take a wander around the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art for a stunning collection of new works by acclaimed artists Anila Quayyum Agha and Sue Wickison.


Exploring themes of faith and cultural exchange, this tandem exhibition showcases stunning contemporary sculptural work alongside intricate botanical paintings that reflect on the natural world.

Walk into a world of street art at the Saatchi Gallery

After a successful run in New York and Los Angeles, Beyond The Streets has arrived in London mid-February and will take over the entire Saatchi Gallery. Surround yourself in the worlds of street art, graffiti, hip-hop and punk rock, and learn about the artists who defined them.


Immerse yourself into a world of Van Gosh's materpieces

Van Gogh: The Immersive Experience offers a reimagined way of looking at the post-impressionist paintings. The unbelievably stunning floor-to-ceiling projection will have you marvelling at starry nights, the sunflowers, and self-portraits before you get to the VR room to take you even closer to some of the most treasured paintings in this world.