I discovered I can stay well read despite juggling being a business owner and a mum of two. I recently discovered Pocket.

As someone who is always on the go – either dealing with my two children (husband and dog), commuting to London, or juggling all from a home office - I have limited time to indulge my love of long-form reading, whether that be blogs, articles, papers or magazines. And in my line of business – as MD of London’s leading executive assistant recruiter – I have to stay abreast of the latest trends. Cleints can ask me for my thoughts on any issue at the drop of a hat and I have to be always read with an answer. From industry issues, to the best new restaurants in London or latest wellbeing innovations I have to stay up-to-speed.

The challenge arose as I would often find that whenever I came across a cracking article or blog, I never had time to read it fully before being called away to my next appointment. It was so frustrating to find myself pulling into Paddington at 7.30am and only half-way through a pithy article on reducing loneliness in the workplace or such like. I was all ears but had zero time.

Then, a few hours later, trying to return to the article I’d get in a mess remembering where I saved the content – sometimes, on email, WhatsApp links, photos, even on Instagram. It was frustrating to say the least, and it meant I only had half the information I needed and moreover simply not enough to act upon.

An executive assistant suggested Pocket, which is free (for now!) and makes it easy to discover and save personalised content. Everything is stored in one place, so I can return later and access it on any device, at any time. This is perfect for my hectic lifestyle, as I often only have short, 10-minute snapshots when I can return to my reading. The genius of Pocket is that I can store all this in a one-stop-shop and never have to worry about whether I will find the right article or where I left off reading it.

I used to waste a lot of time trying to remember which platform I had saved certain articles on, but now I can catch up on my favourite blogs, podcasts, and videos far more easily, and save myself bags of time (and stress), which is after all my most limited resource.