Temping is a great way to work on a flexible basis at any stage of your career. Here at Bain and Gray we work across a broad variation of roles requiring all different levels of experience. It can be a great way to build up new office skills or to fill gaps in permanent employment. We also cover all different lengths of temporary assignment, varying from one day to over a year. There are many advantages of temping and here we discuss where you could benefit from taking a temporary opportunity:

Flexibility: Temping can fit around your schedule and availability. Our temporary team will always drill down on what roles will work best for you, whether that is short term holiday cover, ongoing temporary assignments, or part time work, we have roles to suit all different requirements.

Building experience: Wherever you are in your career, temping can be a great way to gain new skills and experience. We often register temporary candidates who are looking to move career path and temping can be a great way to try something new. We also highly recommend temporary roles to first jobbers, it is a great way to build up initial experience on your CV and it can provide a good talking point at interviews.

Changing sector: Looking to move from a Corporate PA role to something more creative? Temping can be a great way to dip into something new without the pressure of signing a permanent contract. We also find that temping can be a great way to explore different industries to work out your likes/dislikes which will benefit your permanent job search.

Working alongside a side hustle: We have many candidates who temp alongside their own business. This is a fantastic way to still bring in an income alongside your side hustle. We work with many actresses, singers and comedians who find temping works very well around auditions and performing jobs. We also have many candidates who have their own business’s, temping can be a great way to generate money whilst getting your business off the ground or to fit in around more seasonal work.

Networking: Temping is a great way to meet new people and to build your own personal network. We work with some very interesting clients including HNWI’s and high-profile business leaders and you never know what opportunities might be around the corner in each organisation.

If you would like to discuss temporary work with our team, please reach out to temps@bainandgray.com who would be very happy to help.