Create A Cracking CV

Upsell your CV - turn negatives into positives

  • Highlight your career and personal USPs concisely
  • Follow the 2 page rule and use the back page to provide written References/testimonials on back of CV (more effective sometimes than CV history)
  • Avoid clichés – actions speak louder than words: don’t say “I’m a multi-tasker’ show examples of instances where this has been achieved
  • Create a professional brand – create professional profiles across the relevant platforms for your industry including your own website (if you need to showcase examples of your work) and ensure you have a LinkedIn CV - use it to gather testimonials, network (connect, blog, join the conversation and interact within the relevant groups).

Analyse Your Social Foot Print

  • Secure privacy on your social media accounts that are personal (future employers do not want to see personal partying). Instagram is the go-to social channel and a really good way of making new contacts and showcasing ‘professional brand you’ in action, bringing your career to life in a way that a CV can’t.
  • Check google to delete any damaging photos or information that would hinder potential job interviews.
  • USE LINKEDIN TO THE FULL Link in, and follow the right people (mentors, bloggers) to maximise information at fingertips – once you have connected, follow-up with key contacts by phone and email. Also Join groups and ASK professional and previous employers to endorse you! Personalise any messaging requests on LinkedIn to ensure maximum impact – reckon lot of people don’t fully appreciate this functionality…