2023 has been another eventful and exciting year at Bain and Gray. Looking back at the start of the year I can hardly believe how much has happened, but I want to mention as much of it as possible, because Bain and Gray would not be where it is now without any of it.

January 2023 we welcomed our fantastic Office Manager, Livvy in January and have not looked back. She has been a phenomenal addition to the team and I think I speak for all when I say that I don’t know how we would manage without her.

Our Managing Consultant, Victoria Brown recruited two more consultants to her team in the first half of the year, Lottie Lunn and Tiffany Angell, both of whom are getting well under way and proving themselves to have all the attributes of excellent recruitment consultants. We also welcomed Neve our Resourcer for the permanent team who has stepped into Bella’s shoes seamlessly and continues to develop under the guidance of Camilla.

Alice on the Temp Team was delighted to welcome Betsy to train under her. Betsy has seamlessly slotted in and is a joy to have in the office. Alice says ‘Betsy always has such a positive outlook and a great attitude to anything thrown her way. We are so happy to have her with us on the temp desk, she is the perfect addition to our team.

2023 saw us recruit our new Finance Manager, Hema, who is such a key member of the Bain and Gray team I am not sure how we managed before she arrived! Bain and Gray feels in safe hands for all things finance with Hema, whilst she brings a brilliant sense of humour to the team which is great fun.

We also welcomed Liza as our Marketing Manager in the Spring and she has worked tirelessly to continue our digital marketing across Bain and Gray and now Links. You will have seen her fantastic and eye catching work and brilliant blogs which she has what seems a never ending appetite for. She is also the biggest reader I have ever come across, so book club has been reinvigorated at Bain and Gray.

In May, after months of hard work behind the scenes, we were finally able to launch our fantastic PA platform Links at Bain and Gray. If you follow us, you will certainly have seen it and hopefully benefitting from this unique platform for all things related to the business support community. Since it’s launch we have had some brilliant insights, collaborations, networking events and more recently podcasts as well as a carefully curated directory which is growing and evolving all the time. There will be much more to come in 2024 and we are delighted that the community continues to grow and receive great feedback.

The market has fluctuated througouth this year, however, our team continue to work and develop both individually and as a team and we have had some notable milestones reached, both Camilla and Alice passed their 8 year anniversaries which means they have absolutely earned their fully paid sabbaticals! Well done to both of them. This month we were delighted to have Tara joining Jessie’s team alongside Charlotte, and thrilled she made our Christmas celebrations, the best way to start in a new job!

Hetty and Julia have done some brilliant work to kick off our unanimously chosen Charity partner Astriid, there will be much happening during 2024 with this incredible charity. Hetty has also been instrumental in our work with The Woodland Trust, planting a tree for every candidate placed in a new job by us.

There is more exciting team news to come as we move into our 15th year of Bain and Gray. We are so proud of our team, and delighted to say Bain and Gray never stands still.

As we all head home for the holidays, we have made the decision to have a digital break for the festive period. So, after some fantastic winter read recommendations from our team, we will be quiet as we reflect on the year and spend time with family and friends. We hope you all enjoy the rest, and have time and space to make exciting plans.

We will see you all in 2024!