Having Bain and Gray welcome me to their office in Soho for the week has been an absolute treat! It has been a wonderful experience and a chance to learn the recruitment world and learning all about the different job opportunities on offer.

After a very warm welcome from the team on my first day, it made me feel so much more relaxed about the week ahead. I was then greeted with a delicious bagel in part of the team breakfast every Monday that the team get to enjoy every week! Flowing coffee and tea with fruit and snacks make the whole office environment even better.

After settling in for the morning after the tour and meeting with Hetty on the week ahead, I got started on doing some transcribing for the podcasts that Bain and Gray have which are available on their website, it was really interesting on hearing about different start-up companies as I was focusing on one called, Run Talk Run, where the founder used to work at Bain and Gray and then set up her own business. Whilst I was completing my work everyone was so encouraging and offered any assistance when needed.

On Tuesday I met Emily Bain and Claire Gray who are the founders and have welcomed me into the office so kindly. I then had a meeting with Emily where she showed me market mapping and how to help sort out their client list. I was given some clients to research. After lunch I then switched up and had a meeting with Liza about the marketing strategies of Bain and Gray and gave her my advice as a Gen Z to show what sort of things catches my eye on competitors Instagram feeds. Which was then followed by a quick photo shoot around Soho to get some shots for OMBS and Bain and Gray website. After work I then helped Livvy set up for the OMBS drinks that Bain and Gray were hosting in the office, which was such a success and very nice for my friends to see where I am for the week.

Wednesday was a much quieter day in the office as the employees get the chance to work from home that day. I started the day with a CV screening with Neve where we looked at many different CVs and she showed us how we could update our own. We then had an Ad writing meeting with Hetty and Betsy where we sat in on a client meeting and then wrote a description of what his job history has been and what he is looking for now. Then after lunch we carried on with our work and shadowed another interview.

Thursday, I spent the morning finishing off any work that I hadn’t completed yet and we also had a meeting 11 with everyone to discuss what everyone was working on and to see if they had any potential clients for each other. Which was then followed by finishing my blog writing. For lunch today Hetty kindly took me out to an Italian as a treat to say thank you which was delicious and was such a nice farewell.

My week here at Bain and Gray has been so amazing and have made me appreciate and approach the recruiting world with a different mindset and to appreciate how much time and dedication it takes to connect and get to know their clients and help them find the right job for them. As well as the recruiting side to Bain and Gray there is also a lot of other roles that are involved as well such as the office management, the marketing side, the finance side and it all shows how well the team work together to make everything perfect. The recruiting side of the world has definitely opened up another door for my career and I look forward to registering with Bain and Gray to hopefully help me with my job search, so just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made me feel so welcome and especially Hetty who has planned my week and invited me here for my work experience.