Nervous but excited, I entered my first week of work experience at Bain and Gray. This was a wonderful opportunity to understand the world of recruitment, learn new key skills, and meet the amazing team at Bain and Gray.

When I arrived on Monday morning, I was greeted by a lovely team who made me feel very welcome from the start. The office had a very friendly environment, making it really easy to fit in. We were also treated to a delicious company breakfast, which the employees enjoy every Monday.

After meeting the team, my first task was upon me. I was sent two podcasts to transcribe. The first podcast was about Eddie and Alice, the creative force behind Dae Studio. The second podcast was particularly interesting, as it featured the founder of At Your Service, an agency specialised in helping people get hands-on jobs. These jobs are aimed at people between the ages of 18-25, which I found very relevant. Soon after, lunch came. During my hour, I enjoyed the great weather by walking around Soho, admiring all of the lovely attractions. Around 3:30 pm, I helped Livvy (Office Manager) shop for snacks and prosecco glasses in preparation for hosting drinks on Tuesday for the other work experience attendees.

On Tuesday, I met Emily Bain and Claire Gray, the lovely founders. They made me feel very welcome. Emily shortly gave me an Excel spreadsheet task, which involved identifying which businesses are currently still operating. There were a lot of businesses to get through, but I thoroughly enjoyed this task as I love a challenge. Liza (Head of Marketing) took me around Soho to take pictures to advertise for Bain and Gray. This was very enjoyable, as it was nice to be out in the sun. Today was also the day we hosted the drinks event, which I was very excited about. We hosted the event at 5 pm, and by 5:30 pm, the office was booming with about 40 attendees. Lots of snacks were eaten, and lots of prosecco was drunk. The event was a great success, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

Wednesday came around extremely fast, and I was very much enjoying my time at Bain and Gray, though slightly disappointed it was almost coming to an end. Today, I sat with Hetty (Managing Consultant) and listened to her interview a client. I found this very interesting, as I was able to see how someone should be properly interviewed, something I may be doing one day.

Thursday was my last day at Bain and Gray. Today, we reviewed the week and how it went, and I also went through my CV to make any necessary changes. Hetty took me out for a delicious lunch to finish off my week. I then returned to the office to finish any unfinished work before having a lovely farewell with a glass of prosecco. My time at Bain and Gray was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed getting a feel of what it is like to work in recruitment. The team has been so lovely from the get-go. I just want to thank Bain and Gray for the opportunity.