I think we can all agree that time goes faster as we grow older – it’s a scary notion. When this is compacted by a busy schedule, looming deadlines, and big responsibilities, it can become too much to bear so consistently. Making space to unwind is incredibly important for this very reason, burning the candle at both ends is nothing to be admired and it can actually lead to much more personal consequences. What follows is a guide to unwinding…

Practise Yoga

The practice of yoga is estimated to be 5,000 years old and has quite obviously evolved into many different forms and subsidiaries of the exercise. For this reason, there’s always something for everyone; whether you want to sweat off the day with hot yoga, find some inner peace and slow down at a Yin class, or combine meditation with restorative yoga. Studios vary so much in atmosphere, it’s always worth dipping your toe in a couple before you commit to any membership fees, or before you rule it out completely. Our Bain and Gray team have many yogis in fact!

Take a Walk

This may come as no surprise, but walking is incredibly good for you! Did you know that a daily walk of just 20 minutes can boost your immune system by 43%? This kind of consistency is also so good for your mental health. Jump off the bus or tube a stop early, get your steps in and feel the benefit in no time.

Pick up an Easy Read

Resist the infectious pressure to ‘enrich’ your life in your down time with introspective and life-changing literature. Instead, divert your attention to an easy reading, page turning piece of fiction! While books are, of course, a great way to improve your mental agility and develop our minds, they’re also an excellent form of escapism. This is the same kind of escapism that reality tv offers, just in a slightly healthier package. Check out our latest book recommendations!

Exploit Do Not Disturb Mode

This certain phone function was designed for a reason; to give you a well-deserved break from the incessant ping and ring of your mobile. It’s especially useful when taking part in any of the above activities so that you’re able to really focus on yourself.

Utilise the Third Space

The idea of a ‘Third Place’ is a sociology concept that can be defined as a space other than the home or the workplace. Historically the third space is responsible for founding or furthering the idea of a collective consciousness – coffee shops in 17th century Britain are acknowledged as at least partly responsible for the governmental upheaval of that period! More to the point, however, third spaces such as coffee shops, parks, and gyms are good for the mind because they establish a sense of purpose in our day-to-day.