by Neve - January 22, 2024
As we enter the middle of January and those 'touch base' emails finally ease, it's time to truly look forward to the year ahead and what kind of things we can expect from our working environments.
by Emily Bain - January 16, 2024
Katy Hill has had one incredible career; Blue Peter, Hit40UK, as well as hosting the world's longest-running live TV Magazine Show. Today, she is an inspirational figure who empowers individuals to live their lives to the fullest with a "LIMITLESS" mindset. Katy believes in living all out, being brave, and taking ownership of one's future. She has dedicated years to studying various disciplines such as NLP, Co-Active Coaching, Mindfulness, and DISC Personality Profiling.
by Liza Shashenkova - December 04, 2023
At Links we love our candidates and here we ask them questions to find out more about their diverse roles and get an insight into what they enjoy and value. Here we talk to Sammie Horwitz.
by Liza Shashenkova - December 04, 2023
At Links, our directory is pure gold – a curated selection of the absolute best, meticulously tried and tested for all your PA, EA, and Office Management needs. As the ski season unfolds, join us for an intimate look at one of our top directory entries, featuring the opinions of CEO & Founder, Rupert Longsdon and Head of Marketing and Communications, Felix Hemsley
by Guest - November 21, 2023
Nancy Best is a women’s health expert and the founder of Ladies Who Crunch. This month she shines a spotlight on the end-of-year burnout. One of the hardest things about burnout is the sense of overwhelm. She has coached women who juggle huge careers and she has observed that once they reach a certain level of exhaustion, even the smallest of tasks become insurmountable. Sound familiar? Read more...
by Emily Bain - November 20, 2023
We've got you covered, whether you're a recent grad, non-grad or a first-timer stepping onto the career ladder. Wondering about personal branding and job boards vs recruitment agencies? And what does one wear to an interview in today's world? Tune in for valuable insights that will steer you in the right direction!
by Liza Shashenkova - November 02, 2023
Can you believe we are in November already? It is time to look ahead and look for exciting ways to energise your colleagues for the upcoming year. An MIT study has shown that when a team has opportunities to communicate outside the office, in-office communication improves significantly, boosting the general morale in any business! In addition, with remote working lingering, isn’t it more important than ever to venture outside the parameters of the 9 to 5?
by Tray Durrant - October 31, 2023
Navigating workplace relationships can be a minefield for many. Discover how to rebuild trust with your boss even after an honest mistake, manage a challenging colleague, and mend those strained work relations. These insightful tips serve as a guiding compass to maintain professionalism and resilience in complex situations.
by Liza Shashenkova - October 24, 2023
In the dynamic art world, the role of fine art as a lucrative asset is paramount! Whether your boss is seeking investment opportunities, aiming to expand an existing collection, or venturing into the creation of a public corporate art space, London's Top Art Advisors & Consultants are the guiding beacons. These are the firms that possess the latest knowledge and expertise, enabling you to access the most coveted off-market art pieces, promising long-term profitability and unmatched artistic brilliance.