by Emily Bain - October 23, 2023
Welcome to Bitesize; your gateway to administrative excellence with Tray Durrant and Emily Bain. In our debut episode we embark on a brief journey through the enigmatic realm of promotions, revealing the secrets to climbing the career ladder and mastering the art of broaching the delicate topic of a pay raise.
by Neve - October 17, 2023
I think we can all agree that time goes faster as we grow older – it’s a scary notion. When this is compacted by a busy schedule, looming deadlines, and big responsibilities, it can become too much to bear so consistently. Making space to unwind is incredibly important for this very reason, burning the candle at both ends is nothing to be admired and it can actually lead to much more personal consequences.
by Neve - October 10, 2023
The holiday season is just around the corner, and what better way to infuse festive cheer into the workplace than adorning London offices with delightful Christmas decorations? Whether it's a traditional winter wonderland or a modern, chic aesthetic, finding the right suppliers for your office's holiday décor can make all the difference. Here, we've compiled a list of top suppliers that cater to a range of styles, ensuring your London office is transformed into a festive paradise.
by Liza Shashenkova - October 05, 2023
As Halloween draws near, our personal assistants dive into the enchanting world of costume hunting for their discerning bosses. In luxury's whimsical realm, it's all about creating a mesmerising impact at prestigious Halloween soirees. We've handpicked top-tier costume services that cater to elite tastes, offering exquisite, one-of-a-kind ensembles. Prepare for a magical journey to discover the pinnacle of Halloween attire and elevate your boss's Halloween experience to spellbinding heights.
by Neve - September 14, 2023
Too early to mention the most wonderful time of the year? Not for an EA responsible for the Christmas party! What better way to embrace the holiday cheer than hosting your festive office party in the heart of Soho? This vibrant district, known for its eclectic blend of culture and cuisine, is home to some of the most enchanting venues that will turn your corporate gathering into an unforgettable celebration. Join us as we explore the top venues, each with their own unique charm, ready to usher in warmth and magic.
September 11, 2023
Links is calling our community's most accomplished PAs and EAs to the forefront to share their stories! This week we welcome Simone Bose Lecas, the EA to the CEO of Matches with the perfect picture CV. Learn about her successes, her challenges and how to master the ability of managing 4 different CEOs in 4 years in a single company!
by Liza Shashenkova - September 05, 2023
It is that time of the year again....the little ones will flock to the school gates for a brand new academic year! We recognise the invaluable role you play in providing your boss peace of mind, and it is with this commitment in mind that we present our handpicked selection of premium nanny services in London.
by Liza Shashenkova - August 22, 2023
We all seek out art to enrich our lives! Links is dedicated to bringing you some of the best upcoming exhibitions in the city. Broaden your mind, transverse epochs and find solace in the universal language of aesthetics. This post-workday activity encourages you to escape the ordinary and be swept away by the extraordinary!
by Fliss - August 15, 2023
With autumn around the corner, now might be the last chance to take advantage of the UK’s long summer days. We bring back Fliss Hoad to bring you the UK’s finest spots to make 2023 the year of the summer staycation.