In a fast-paced business world, Personal Assistants (PAs), Executive Assistants (EAs), and Administrative Professionals play a pivotal role in ensuring smooth sailing operations and supporting leadership. When it comes to asking for a promotion, you have to get to the point where your boss or company does not want to let you go because you are invaluable. Aside from consistently enhancing your skills and knowing everything there is to know about your immediate workplace and manager(s), we have put together a comprehensive guide to help you achieve that well-deserved promotion.

Excel at Your Current Role

Let us begin with the basics! Before anyone can ask for a promotion, it is crucial to master your current responsibilities. You have to have a history of handling your tasks efficiently and with a high level of competency:

  • Be proactive: Learn to anticipate the needs of your boss or executives (This is a highly desired skill in many of our job board's descriptions).
  • Be organised: Ensure that your work environment and systems are orderly.
  • Be reliable: Become the go-to person for problem-solving! For further reading: How to demonstrate accountability in the workplace.

Enhance Your Skills

Investing in your professional development is key to getting ahead in any industry.

Expand Your Responsibilities

Looking to fast-track? Take the initiative to ask for other duties, responsibilities or projects. Perhaps consider extra work in areas that interest you specifically.

Top Tip: Be sure to keep on top of your day-to-day work even if you have taken on additional responsibilities.

  • Project Management: Offer to lead or coordinate projects. Pay close attention to what is passed across your desk and what different teams are working on and see where you can be of service.
  • Mentorship: Taking junior colleagues under your wing showcases leadership and a commitment to team development.
  • Process Improvement: Identify and implement ways to improve office processes.

Seek out a Mentor

Finding a mentor can provide guidance and support. This is the perfect opportunity to subscribe to Links as we are currently working on a mentorship program, offering our network of PAs/EAs the opportunity to teach and learn.

  • Advice: A mentor will provide insight into how to navigate the promotion process.
  • Career Guidance: A mentor will help you set realistic career goals and develop strategies to achieve them.

Communicate Your Ambitions

Taking ownership of your career development is essential! A Performance Review is the most optimum time to make your career aspirations known.

  • Performance Reviews: Use performance reviews as an opportunity to highlight achievements and discuss potential career avenues. For further reading: How To Prepare for a Performance Review: Our Step by Step Guide.
  • Action Plan: Work with your supervisor to create an action plan for achieving your promotion, outlining the steps and milestones needed.


  • Excel at your current role with efficiency, proactivity, organisation, and reliability.
  • Enhance your skills through advanced training and improving soft skills like communication and leadership.
  • Expand your responsibilities by taking on additional duties, leading projects, mentoring colleagues, and improving processes.
  • Seek out a mentor for guidance, advice on the promotion process, and career goal-setting.
  • Communicate your ambitions during performance reviews to highlight achievements and discuss career paths.